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Officer: Belarusian Military Does Not How To Fight Drones

Officer: Belarusian Military Does Not How To Fight Drones

Refineries are defenseless.

A reader of the Charter97.org website said that in the past few days there has been activity of Lukashenka's security forces in the Rechytsa district. The Territorial Defence, district and regional police, and riot police forces were put on intensive patrol.

The Lukashists took up the protection of oil fields. The Mazyr Refinery is also under enhanced protection.

Will such measures be able to protect Belarusian refineries and depots from a possible drone attack? The Charter97.org website spoke to a Belarusian officer about this on condition of anonymity:

— I want to recall the story of the "teddy bear landing", when the Swedes easily bypassed the Belarusian air defence system on a small-engine plane. I have great doubts about the ability of our air defence to respond to serious threats.

As for drones, we do not have effective combat experience. This is a new generation war. We do not know cases when the Belarusian forces effectively countered UAVs.

There was a story about the attack on the Russian A-50 aircraft in Machulishchy. Our military, who guarded the airfield, could not prevent this sabotage.

Let's look at the Ukrainian attacks on Russian targets. There are combined, multi-level raids, in which more than a hundred UAVs take part at the same time. The Ukrainian forces has vast experience in such operations. Our own defence has none. But we are dealing with oil refining. Small drone with explosives — refinery destroyed.

By the way, the story of Machulishchy showed that such a drone can fly not from the territory of Ukraine, which will make the attack even more effective.

In addition, the Mazyr Refinery is within the reach of the conventional Tochka-U. Today, Ukraine has American ATACMS missiles. Yes, the United States prohibits the use of these weapons outside Ukrainian territory. Let's imagine that such a ban is lifted.

American missiles easily penetrate the Russian air defence. We are already seeing this in Crimea. I think with such missiles you can swing at more ambitious goals than the refinery, which is right on the border. The same decision centers.

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