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Media Report On Russian MoD New Head’s Italian Villa

Media Report On Russian MoD New Head’s Italian Villa

And about his connections with Prigozhin.

The Russian project Dossier Center studied the personal documents of the new Minister of Defense of the aggressor country of Russia, Andrei Belousov, and talked with his acquaintances, learning new details about him.

This is stated in the project material.

It is noted that he could have a villa on the Mediterranean coast in the municipality of Forte dei Marmi, Italy. This became known because in 2018 he discussed selling it, and the potential buyer turned out to be a person with a passport number used by Mossad agents.

In the same year, Belousov provided explanations to the Bank of Malta about the origin of 600 thousand euros, which he deposited into an account in a foreign jurisdiction at the “height” of a campaign to combat the foreign assets of officials in the Russian Federation.

The material also reports that Belousov turned out to be a “zealously Orthodox” person who begins his morning and even work meetings with prayer. In addition, he keeps a document with the main principles of life and important prayers, in particular “following the Path of bearing the cross (humility, repentance and search for God, serving the Cause, helping people, self-development).”

The Dossier Center writes that back in 2013, Belousov made seven vows to the Mother of God, including: calling his mother every day, playing sports, reading 30 pages a day and “observing the rules of sex hygiene.”

Moreover, despite his “extreme religiosity,” at Belousov’s post office they found traces of at least one extramarital affair with a high-ranking employee of the Agency for Social Initiatives, Olga, who regularly wrote him romantic messages along with work issues.

The material notes that Belousov, apparently, was torn between several women, but decided in the summer of 2019 to write to his mistress that he loved his wife very much and urged Olga not to write to him anymore.

“This is the woman I have been looking for all my life. Do not write to me anymore. And don’t call,” his message says.

“You are a cynical and cruel person. And you love no one. You only love yourself. You’re just comfortable with this official woman,” Olga answered. She sent him letters for several more months, after which the woman was fired from the Agency.

It is also reported that Belousov “is not as far from the law enforcement agencies as it seems,” since it became known that he maintained close relations with Yevgeny Prigozhin and was interested in the topic of private military companies.

According to the Dossier source, Belousov was involved in Prigozhin’s activities.

“He and Prigozhin sometimes sat upright, hugging each other — naturally, addressing each other by names, ‘Zhenya’, and so on. Their working meetings were reminiscent of family gatherings over a cup of tea — they informally discussed all the issues, then nodded to the junior employees, and they then compiled everything into a real report. After all, the system works in such a way that the First never makes a decision: a proposal is received, Belousov studies it and prepares a report (usually it has the signatures of Belousov and Shoigu), then this report ends up with the president. Vladimir Vladimirovich only puts a note on it “I agree,” and that’s all,” the Dossier’s interlocutor noted.

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