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Military Expert: Shoigu's Supporters And Also Opponents 'Go Under Knife' In Russia

Military Expert: Shoigu's Supporters And Also Opponents 'Go Under Knife' In Russia

Those responsible for the failure of the "SVO" were found.

In Russia, the former commander of the 58th Army, Major General Ivan Popov, was arrested in a fraud case. Perhaps the case is related to his position against the former head of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu.

Charter97.org asked the Ukrainian military and political columnist of the Information Resistance Group, Oleksandr Kovalenko, for comments:

— The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is undergoing just a purge. This is not a fight against corruption. If we recall Popov, he once lit up with his statement that the Western artillery, which is transferred to the Ukrainian troops, has superiority over the Russian in range and accuracy.

That is why the counter-battery struggle from the Ukrainian side is conducted more effectively. For this, he was removed from his position as commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District. He had already fallen into disgrace.

In general, the fact that corrupt officials arrest other corrupt officials for corruption in Russia is just laughter.

It's not even about whether Popov was against or for Shoigu. We see that supporters as well as opponents of Shoigu are now "going under the knife". All rowing with one comb after a shift in the Ministry of Defence.

Another purpose of this cleansing is to justify why the "SVO" [the war against Ukraine - Ed.] is already in its third year, and the goals (rather vague) are not clear whether they are being fulfilled or not? So far, Russians can see that Russia is being demilitarized.

At the same time, "claps" occur at oil refineries throughout Russia. Therefore, they need someone to blame for disrupting the plans of the "SVO". So there were corrupt officials. We found the guilty. That's it.

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