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'Take Five Pills If One Does Not Help'

'Take Five Pills If One Does Not Help'

A Belarusian citizen told about his visit to a "highly qualified" neurologist.

A reader of the Charter97.org website told how a visit to a hospital looks like in the conditions of a shortage of medical personnel in Belarus. Apparently, we have to turn to folk methods of treatment:

“Aging is no fun. I began to sleep badly, I fell asleep hard, and I woke up many times, which is not surprising. Everyone knows what a tense atmosphere we have now.

The neighbours advised me to take "Phenibut", they say, you will sleep better. Indeed, for some time I had relief, I was glad that I fell asleep and woke up easily. But somehow our Belarusian life is going in such a direction that my dream has broken down again.

I think I'll go to a neurologist, maybe he will advise me something. A young specialist came to us, it was his first-year experience. It was a young guy, educated. I took the ticket (you know it), stood in line, and then had to wait for the appointed date. But this is all for the sake of your health.

Waiting for the reception also had to sit for more than an hour, as everyone goes "just to ask." I told the doctor about my trouble, about "Phenibut", and he told me: "If one pill does not help, take five." He didn't offer any other drugs. I came out confused. I think to myself: either it's a joke, or it's seriously advised me to take, or it's such a "highly qualified specialist".

I got on the Internet, searched for folk remedies for better sleep, and I live. Fortunately, I don't have to go to work. I try to lie down and take a nap during the daytime if my night is sleepless.

And the problem of doctors in the district centres is extremely acute. The problem is not just in personnel. After all, I also can sit in the office. The problem is in the specialists to whom you can come and get treatment, and not advice.”

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