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Powerful Explosion Occurs At Warehouse With Fireworks In Colombia

Powerful Explosion Occurs At Warehouse With Fireworks In Colombia

There is a victim and dozens of injured.

A powerful explosion has occurred at the El Vaquero warehouse with gunpowder, located in the municipality of Soacha, in Colombia. It is already known about 29 victims.

This is reported by El Colombiano.

According to the media, the explosion occurred around 17:00 local time. A large-scale fire started in the warehouse of fireworks, and according to locals, explosions were heard not long before it started.

The mayor of the municipality, Julian Sanchez, said that 29 people were injured in the explosion. One fatality is also known.

Firefighters are reportedly working at the scene of the explosion and are already controlling the dangerous fire. In addition, drivers were asked to be careful, because the traffic around the warehouse is restricted.

"The authorities of Soacha City Hall, the official Soacha Fire Department, the Soacha Volunteer Fire Department, the San Antonio del Tequendam Volunteer Fire Department, the official Bogotá Fire Department and the Cundinamarca Fire Department are continuing to deal with the emergency," Mayor Sánchez said.

It was also confirmed that a large number of houses and flats near the warehouse were damaged by the explosion.

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