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China Launches 'Punitive' Manoeuvres Around Taiwan

China Launches 'Punitive' Manoeuvres Around Taiwan

Beijing has announced the punishment.

China began a two-day "punitive" military exercise around Taiwan on Thursday, May 23.

This is reported by Reuters.

According to China, the military exercises involving the army, navy, air and missile forces in areas around Taiwan began at 7:45 (local time). They are being conducted in the Taiwan Strait, north, south and east Taiwan, as well as in areas around the Taiwan-controlled islands of Kinmen, Matsu, Wutsu and Dongyin.

"It is also a severe punishment for the separatist acts of Taiwan's independence forces and a severe safeguard against interference and provocation by outside forces," Chinese officials said.

It should be noted that China announced the military drills three days after Lai Ching-te took office as Taiwan's new president.

Taiwan's Presidential Election

In January this year, Taiwan held its eighth presidential election. Lai Ching-te was the winner with 40.05 per cent of the vote. He is a supporter of Taiwan's independence and closeness to the United States.

On May 20, his inauguration took place, during his speech he wished that China would stop military threats and intimidation of the Taiwanese. At the same time, China said that it considers Taiwan its territory, and called Lai Ching-te a "separatist". China imposed sanctions against three US defence companies over selling arms to Taiwan.

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