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AFU Destroy Russian Air Defence Station Near Donetsk

AFU Destroy Russian Air Defence Station Near Donetsk

The strike was carried out at the location of S-300/400 air defence systems.

On Wednesday, May 22, a series of strong explosions took place in the town of Mospine, near occupied Donetsk.

Eyewitnesses reported a possible hit on Russian air defence systems, dialog.ua reported.

The strike reportedly hit the location of the Russian S-300/400 air defence system.

The proof of this is the footage of the aftermath of the attack, which eyewitnesses managed to film.

An inversion trace from anti-aircraft missiles was seen at the site of the fly-in.

It is not yet known how badly the Russian air defence installations were damaged.

It should be noted that Mospine is located about 50 km from the territories controlled by the Ukrainian Defence Forces. It is not known what was used to strike the Russian Armed Forces targets in the town.

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