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The US Grants An African Country Status Of Major Ally Outside NATO

The US Grants An African Country Status Of Major Ally Outside NATO

This week.

United States President Joe Biden is expected to grant Kenya the status of a major U.S. ally outside NATO during a three-day visit by African President William Ruto this week.

A source familiar with the plans told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

In this case, Kenya will become the first African country south of the Sahara Desert to receive such a status, reflecting Washington's desire to deepen relations with this East African country, the agency notes.

Biden will declare Kenya a major U.S. ally outside NATO at a time when the African country is preparing to send troops to Haiti as part of a UN force that is deploying to address a security crisis in the Caribbean.

Biden and Ruto will meet in the Oval Office on Thursday, followed by their joint press conference.

Unidentified senior administration officials told Reuters the leaders would discuss issues ranging from trade to Kenya's debt relief to Haiti, Ukraine, Sudan and other regions.

On Wednesday, Biden said he and Ruto will begin a new era of technological cooperation between the two countries, which will include work on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and semiconductors.

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