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Kenya Will Become Main US Ally Outside NATO

Kenya Will Become Main US Ally Outside NATO


The United States can make Kenya Washington's main ally outside NATO. President Joe Biden intends to make such a decision soon.

This is stated in the press release of the White House after the head of state from Kenya William Ruto's visit.

If the African country is named the main American ally outside the Alliance, then their relations will reach a new level. This status is given to those countries that have close and strategic cooperation with the US military and civilians in the field of defense.

“The United States deeply respects Kenya's investment in global peace and security. This is the first time that a sub-Saharan African country has been granted the status of a major ally outside NATO," the report said.

By the way, as stated further in the press release, the cooperation between Nairobi and Washington is 60 years old and all this partnership was based on "common values, deep cooperation and a common vision of the future."

On May 22, it was reported that the United States had transferred $60 million worth of weapons to Kenya, which could have been sent to Ukraine, according to Politico. We are talking about small arms, ammunition and armored vehicles that will be used by the Nairobi forces located in Haiti.

At the same time, the US State Department noted that such a decision by Washington will not affect the possibilities of further support for Ukraine.

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