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Russians Start Fleeing Dzhankoy

Russians Start Fleeing Dzhankoy

The occupiers are trying to scatter their troops and hardware in panic in Crimea.

The Russian Army has started evacuating its troops from Dzhankoy (north of occupied Crimea), and is also actively restoring airfields in the interior of the peninsula.

This is reported by the «АТЕШ» partisan movement, citing information received from its agents in various units of the Russian Armed Forces.

"Russian troops have started evacuating part of their personnel from Dzhankoy. At the same time, the restoration and probably modernisation of airfields deep inside Crimea, such as Kirovske (near Feodosia) and Bagerovo (near Kerch), has begun at an active pace," ATESH notes.

At the same time, the partisans are sure that despite all efforts, the occupiers will not be able to build appropriate closed shelters for their planes in the near future. The reason is the complicated technological processes, the high cost of construction and the considerable time it takes to erect such facilities.

"The occupants' actions indicate a desire to scatter their troops and hardware in Crimea in anticipation of new successful attacks by the Ukrainian Defence Forces," the partisans are convinced.

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