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Russian Military Drop Four More FAB Bombs On Belgorod Region

Russian Military Drop Four More FAB Bombs On Belgorod Region

In two days.

Russian military aviation dropped four more high-explosive aerial bombs (FAB) on the Belgorod region in two days, sources in the region’s emergency services told the Astra Telegram channel.

According to them, on May 22, a FAB-250 was found near a residential building on Lesnaya Street in the village of Yasnye Zori, Belgorod District. Residents of the street were evacuated.

The next day, on May 23, FAB-250 fell on the territory of a hunting farm in the village of Polyana in the Shebekino urban district. On the same day, two more FAB-500s were discovered near the village of Pristen in the same district. There were no casualties in any case.

Before this, Russian bombs fell on the suburbs of Belgorod on the day of the collapse of a high-rise building, on May 12. Two FAB-500s fell on the village of Razumnoye-54 eight hours apart. The place where the bombs fell was located less than 8 kilometers from the house on Shchorsa Street, 55A, where the entrance hall collapsed on the same day as a result of an ammunition hit. Both FABs buried themselves in the ground and did not explode.

On May 4, a Russian plane dropped a FAB-500 on Belgorod, as a result of which 7 people were injured, 31 households and 10 cars were damaged. The authorities hid the reason for the bomb's fall, and did not admit that it was Russian.

According to The Insider's calculations, in 2024, abnormal falls of Russian aircraft ammunition were recorded in the Belgorod region 39 times: 38 different modifications of the FAB and one X-59 missile. FABs fell at least twice in Belgorod.

In total, according to Astra’s calculations, Russia has dropped 59 FABs on its regions and the occupied territories of Ukraine over the past three months.

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