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Minsk Resident Gets Arrested Over White-Red-White Curtains

Minsk Resident Gets Arrested Over White-Red-White Curtains

The witness claimed that there were no such colours there.

Minsk resident Viachaslau S. was tried under an administrative article for “picketing with white-red-white curtains.”

The case was heard by the court of the Pershamaiski district of the capital on April 26. The documents note that they decided to check the man after an unknown person reported to the police, the Viasna Nazirae channel noted.

Viachaslau was arrested for three days. The Minsk resident decided to appeal the court decision. At the meeting, he noted that there was no evidence of guilt. A witness also came forward and stated that there were no red or white colors in the curtains.

However, the court dismissed the complaint and the decision remained in force.

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