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Ukraine Breaks Through Russia's Nuclear ‘Shield’

Ukraine Breaks Through Russia's Nuclear ‘Shield’

The consequences of the attack on the secret Voronezh-DM station became known.

Ukrainian drones attacked a Russian strategic early warning radar station for attacks, including those using ballistic missiles, The War Zone writes.

Satellite images available to the publication confirm damage to the Voronezh-DM station in the Krasnodar Territory.

These ultra-high frequency radars are part of an early warning system for nuclear ballistic missiles.

Social media and satellite images show damage to both buildings housing the station's equipment.

Radar arrays are very sensitive and fragile systems, and even a relatively small impact can disable them over a long period of time, the publication clarifies.

At this time, Ukrainian authorities have not claimed responsibility for the attack on the radar station. Russian government agencies also did not comment on the attack.

According to The War Zone, the strike on the radar was caused by the fact that this facility is capable of detecting launches of long-range ATACMS missiles supplied by the United States to Ukraine.

According to anonymous experts interviewed by the publication, the Voronezh-DM station is used to monitor the southwestern direction.

In 2013, this station was used to record the launch of a ballistic missile into the Mediterranean Sea from Libya.

Despite the fact that the radar coverage covers the Crimea, the station is designed primarily to detect ballistic missile launches from a much greater distance, the expert explained.

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