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Lukashenka Predicts His Own Death In Plane Crash

Lukashenka Predicts His Own Death In Plane Crash

The dictator suddenly revealed all his fears.

No matter how hard Lukashenka tried, he could not restrain himself, betraying all his fears about his own end, writes Solidarity.

Commenting on the death of the Iranian president, he suddenly found an unexpected culprit. In particular, Lukashenka said that the helicopter crash involving the Iranian president was due to Western sanctions, since it was prohibited to service this aircraft.

“As a person, I will say: the vile, disgusting position of the United States led to this. I mean first of all sanctions. These scoundrels had no right to impose sanctions against ships, planes, helicopters and other things that transport people. They introduced sanctions, in my opinion, both against the vessels in Russia and against us, against my, say, plane,” Lukashenka told reporters after a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Minsk on May 24.

The story of how sanctions harm an ordinary “common man” in the person of Lukashenka looks quite funny, considering who these sanctions were actually imposed against. Apparently, Lukashenka thought about the death of Raisi more than once and, it seems, even managed to try the situation on himself.

This is also evidenced by the remark regarding the much more advantageous security situation of the Russian president.

“They won’t get Vladimir Vladimirovich, because he has a Russian plane, and here they introduced these sanctions,” Lukashenka said, either complaining or indignantly. “Is this normal? These are people moving around. You sold this helicopter. It doesn't matter whether this helicopter has been around for 40 or 50 years. Maybe in 50 years it flew three times in total and, it seems, would have been normal if it had been serviced properly, but they forbade their companies to service it either. Therefore, this is also their fault.”

He added that the West should expect an “answer” because they are all believers, hinting that God will punish them.

It is curious whether Lukashenka managed to try on the situation with God’s retribution for himself.

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