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Security Services Detain Saboteurs Who Attempted To Set Fire To Large Facility In Warsaw

Security Services Detain Saboteurs Who Attempted To Set Fire To Large Facility In Warsaw

Eight detonators were discovered.

Polish intelligence services discovered eight detonators that were supposed to cause another large-scale fire at one of the large facilities in Warsaw.

Radio ZET reports this with reference to its own sources.

According to journalists, an unsuccessful attempt to set fire to a large commercial facility in Warsaw occurred more than a week ago. Radio-controlled detonators that were supposed to cause a fire but didn’t work, fell into the hands of the police and the special services. It is alleged that there were eight detonators, only two of which worked, but failed to cause a fire.

Thanks to video surveillance recordings, it was possible to identify the perpetrators of the sabotage.

An operational headquarters was created, which included officers from all services subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense. Its intensive work led to the capture of several members of the sabotage group.

Radio ZET reported the arrest of the first person on May 17 in Ząbki near Warsaw. Another member of the group was detained last week.

According to Radio ZET, the group consisted of five people. Currently, the whereabouts of all members of the group and other probable groups that could provide logistical support to the saboteurs are being established.

According to Polish services, the saboteurs’ phones were connected to the network in Poland near the Rzeszów-Jasionka airport.

A strong fire occurred in the Marywilska shopping center, 44 in Warsaw on May 12. The building is a huge complex with 1,400 shops and service points.

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