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Crimea Under Attack: 10 Missile Strikes

Crimea Under Attack: 10 Missile Strikes

The Kerch Bridge is closed.

In occupied Crimea on May 25, at about 10 p.m., explosions were heard in the area of several populated areas. The Crimean Wind Telegram channel reported.

“In the Krasnoperekopsk district, 10 minutes ago, two explosions were heard, and in Dzhankoy a alarm was buzzing. Traffic on the Crimean Bridge is closed,” the message reads.

Local social media communities write about the work of air defense systems.

Russian monitoring organisations reported at least 10 missiles strikes, and the locals confirmed the air attack.

Sevastopol's "Governor" Mikhail Razvozhaev reported missile danger at 21:57 and air alert at 10:10 pm on Telegram. He wrote nothing more about the attack on Crimea.

Meanwhile, the Nikolaevsky Vanek Telegram channel, which leads the fighter of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, reported explosions in the Evpatoria.

"Four strikes on Evpatoria. Cool rockets, are they?" the message reads.

The author added that the antenna in the Alushta area after the last attack is seriously damaged and will not be used anymore. There were several air defense systems around it, and because of the strike, the invaders began to remove air defense systems.

There is info online that Russian air defense was operating in the area of the village of Dobrushyno. Locals counted 8 launches.

It is also reported that in Yevpatoria, after the explosions, ambulances and firefighters rushed somewhere, and in Prytulne there was noise at the military base.

“It was loud near the base,” they reported on social media.

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