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Expert: Putin Was Preparing Attack NATO Member In Belarus

Expert: Putin Was Preparing Attack NATO Member In Belarus

A triple strike cannot be ruled out in the near future.

The head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, came to Belarus to prepare an attack on one of the NATO member state.

Ukrainian political strategist Taras Zagorodny stated this:

— I consider Putin’s activity in Belarus to be preparation for an attack on one of the NATO countries. Most likely, China demands this from Putin in exchange for resources. China needs Russia to completely break with the West and become their ally. I do not rule out that China will demand Russia’s participation in the seizure of Taiwan. Because its own fleet may not be enough, but Russia has it.

This is reminiscent of the situation China itself found itself in in 1969, when it illogically attacked Damansky Island. The United States demanded evidence that it had finally broken with the USSR in exchange for a warming of relations and resources from the United States. China got what it wanted, and the United States received a weakening of the USSR, since it was now forced to maintain a huge group of troops on the border with China.

I do not exclude the simultaneous attack on NATO, Taiwan and South Korea by China in the near future. What is Beijing countingon? The explicit inadequacy of the Selivan-Bjorn group with a course on the constant peace of the aggressors and the concerns of Byyden to go to the aggravation before the election. I would like to make mistakes, but very much like that.

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