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Defeat Of Russian Nuclear Shield: What Did Ukraine Plan?

Defeat Of Russian Nuclear Shield: What Did Ukraine Plan?

The target in Krasnodar Region of Russia was chosen for several reasons.

Ukraine struck a strategic object of the Russian army with the help of drones. In the Krasnodar region, the Voronezh-DM radar system was attacked.

There are several reasons why Ukraine considered this military facility a priority target.

Israeli army officer, military observer Yigal Levin said this on Telegram.

There is a version that Ukraine disabled the Voronezh-DM, since the radar could spot the launches of ATACMS missiles in occupied Crimea.

The reliability is unknown. The main area of view of this radar station is the Balkan Peninsula, the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf.

It should be noted that there are two Voronezh-DM systems in Armavir. They are part of the global missile early warning system. Without these facilities, the Russian Federation may have problems with fixing potential nuclear threats.

Levin believes that Ukraine is interested in the Voronezh-DM not only because of Crimea. The first likely reason is to demonstrate to the West that the Russians' threats to use nuclear weapons are a bluff.

"You can make a hole in their anti-nuclear shield, and the Kremlin will not do anything in response," the military said.

The second important reason is the coercion of the Russian Federation to withdraw air defence systems from the front and important military facilities in the rear.

The third reason is that Ukraine shows NATO its capabilities as a potential member.

"Ukraine demonstrates to NATO that in the event of a direct war between the Alliance and Russia, Ukraine will not just be an assistant, but is capable of hitting the defence facilities of the Russian Federation at the strategic level," Levin said.

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