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Ukrainian Armed Forces Burn ‘Invincible’ Russian Tank ‘Proryv’

Ukrainian Armed Forces Burn ‘Invincible’ Russian Tank ‘Proryv’

A vibrant video.

Ukrainian soldiers from the 47th Mechanized Infantry Brigade “Magura” with the help of kamikaze drones destroyed the newest Russian T-90 “Proryv” tank.

According to Censor.NET, the fighters published a video of the attack on an enemy armored vehicle and the detonation of ammunition on their page on social media.

“They say that it is very difficult to burn an no-analogue T-90. Our unit already has 6 T-90 Proryv on the account. All 6 were stopped while moving, 2 of them with instantaneous detonation, 2 were burned during a second strike and 2 failed to ignite. In this case, our kamikaze drone hit the engine compartment, having stopped the tank. One of the adjacent units hit the top of the turret, damaging the guidance optics. Several friendly units then tried to set the tank on fire, but failed. We got tired of watching this and one of our pilots decided to show a master class, landing clearly between the turret and the hull,” Ukrainian soldiers note in the commentary.

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