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Illegal Migrant Stabbed Polish Soldier On Belarusian Border

Illegal Migrant Stabbed Polish Soldier On Belarusian Border


An illegal immigrant stabbed a Polish soldier on the border with Belarus. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Czesław Mroczek on the First Channel of Polish Radio.

“This morning I received very bad information that one of the soldiers who tried to detain those crossing the border was wounded with a knife,” he said.

The officer was taken to the hospital. The injury was serious, but there was no threat to the soldier's life.

Mroczek also noted that migration pressure at the border is increasing.

“Migration pressure is growing, and the aggression of these individuals is growing. They are trying to force the border in large groups, which are formed thanks to the support of Belarusian services,” he said.

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