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Scandal In Russia Over ‘Meat’ Assaults On Motorcycles

Scandal In Russia Over ‘Meat’ Assaults On Motorcycles

Z-military correspondent is shocked by the footage of the defeat of the Russians.

A scandal erupted in Russia after the publication of a video in which the occupiers stormed Ukrainian positions on motorcycles, writes dialog.ua.

Russian Z-military correspondent Filatov posted a video on his Telegram channel and was outraged by the disregard of the Russian command towards soldiers who are sent into meat assaults on motorcycles to certain death. In the published footage, Russians come under heavy fire from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, fall from their motorcycles and die.

Propagandists already directly admit that no one cares about the lives of Russians, since they are being driven to slaughter without any pity.

“These are monstrous shots!” admits Z-military correspondent, commenting on the video. According to Filatov, what is happening is criminal in relation to Russian soldiers, who are dying en masse in meat assaults.

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