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Media: ATACMS Strike On Luhansk Kills 26 Russian Sec Ops Fighters

Media: ATACMS Strike On Luhansk Kills 26 Russian Sec Ops Fighters

The target of the attack was the Russian GRU secret centre.

The Russian army suffered crucial losses in the ATACMS strike on occupied Luhansk. Presumably, the target of the attack was the secret centre of the Russian Defence Intelligence (GRU) in the city. This information was shared by the Kremlin Snuffbox, the Russian Z propaganda channel.

There is currently no official confirmation of the information announced, Dialog.UA reports. A series of explosions in Luhansk happened late in the evening of May 27 and at night.

“We have 26 dead, four weapons lost. More than 20 people were injured,” the resource reported.

They assured that the blow was struck against special forces who were being prepared for an immediate mission to one of the “hottest” areas at the front.

“It looks like the shelling was carried out on a tip,” noted the Z-channel. He clarified that these could be both local and “traitors” in the army.

It is known that ATACMS targeted the Higher Military Aviation School of Navigators. A huge fire started there, which the occupiers could not put out for several hours.

The Russian Federation is silent about how many occupiers were injured in this attack.

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