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Details Of Attack On Polish Soldier On Border With Belarus

Details Of Attack On Polish Soldier On Border With Belarus

The incident was caught on video.

Details of the attack on a Polish soldier on the border with Belarus have become known. The soldier was stabbed by a migrant. The wound is serious, but the military man’s life is no longer in danger.

As strazgraniczna.pl reports, while the border guard was providing first aid to the wounded man, the migrants continued to behave aggressively — they threw tree branches and sticks at them over the fence. Help soon arrived, and the military covered the wounded man with shields and cars, and then he was evacuated.

The incident happened on May 28 in the Dubicze Cerkiewne area. There was a group of 50 migrants from Belarus who threw stones and tree branches at the Polish patrols.

In the Bialowieża area, a border guard was hit by a broken bottle. The man suffered facial injuries and was hospitalized.

In another case, a “spear”— a knife attached to a stick — was used to attack a military man. The migrant wounded the military man in the shoulder. The officer took this “spear”. He received medical assistance at the hospital.

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