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The Himars-2022 Effect: Prospects For Western Weapons Use In The Russian Federation

The Himars-2022 Effect: Prospects For Western Weapons Use In The Russian Federation

What is important is permission from the USA.

Permission to use Western weapons on Russian territory is an extremely important option within the framework of preventive actions aimed at weakening the military potential of the Russian occupiers. After all, it is obvious that if Russian units begin to concentrate in the southern regions of the Belgorod region, with armored vehicles, weapons and ammunition, then they are preparing for another attack on Ukraine.

It is logical to destroy them at the stage of advancing and concentrating forces and means, Ukrainian military expert Vladyslav Seleznev told FREEДОМ today.

He recalled the appearance in Ukraine in mid-2022 of the first batch of American Himars multiple launch rocket systems, the use of which shocked the Russians when their warehouses, bases, and arsenals at a distance of up to 80 kilometers from the combat line began to burn like matches. Permission to strike with Western weapons deep into Russia will have no less effect.

“If we get the go-ahead from our Western partners to launch strikes deep into Russian territory at least to a depth of 100 kilometers, I am sure that the same concentration of Russian troops on the territory of the Belgorod, Kursk, as well as Bryansk regions will very quickly be turned into a heap crumpled metal and mangled Russian soldiers,” the expert said.

First of all, according to Seleznev, permission from the United States is important, which to a certain extent will free Ukraine’s hands.

“The enemy will be forced to concentrate their efforts at a distance of more than 80 kilometers from the line of combat. Again, the supply of ATACMS-type missile kits creates for us convenient and effective opportunities to destroy enemy forces and assets. We see this in the examples of those “bavonas” that are burning in the temporarily occupied territories of our country...

If such a “bavona” “blooms” in different parts of the Russian Federation, I think it’s wonderful. “Precisely when it’s in the context of military facilities of the enemy army, military infrastructure facilities, critical energy infrastructure, the oil refining industry and everything related to Russian production, which works in the interests of the military economy and the Russian armed forces,” said Vladyslav Seleznev.

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