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'Great Goals' Belief Is Broken

'Great Goals' Belief Is Broken

Soldiers are depressed.

Oh, it seems that the trench orcs have forgotten how to rejoice in the life, victories and wisdom of the Kremlin leader. They lack enthusiasm and optimism now. 'Great Goals' belief is broken. Soldiers are depressed.

Increasingly, they terminate the contract with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation directly in their dugout or in a mink, without bureaucracy and unnecessary papers.

Bang - and a small bullshit with a caliber of 5.45 stops all obligations, disables all sorrows and hopes (sometimes the contract is terminated with the help of RGD-5, inserted under a chest armor).

This strange fashion is spreading and crawling through the trenches.

Does the propaganda get trashed, does the priests get stuffed?


But orc optimism evaporates, their thoughts turn black.

Probably, the servicemen saw their mission differently: they went to break out toilets, condescendingly rape farm women, rob and rejoice in payments.

It's hard to say why orcs are depressed. Where does this fashion come from?

But the number of videos with a bullet or grenade "contract break" increased fivefold.

This cannot be attributed to the fear of Ukrainian captivity. They're not afraid. They know that there is borscht, a blue cap with a visor, warm and not crippled.

Nevertheless, they "tear the contract", forever sawing themselves out of the terrible reality created by the Kremlin ghoul.

Aleksandr Nevzorov, «Телеграм»

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