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Bloomberg: EU Is Ready To Strike At Kremlin's Shipping Giant

Bloomberg: EU Is Ready To Strike At Kremlin's Shipping Giant

And 13 Russian ships.

The EU proposes to impose sanctions against the Sovcomflot, a Russian oil transport giant. Thus, the European Union wants to limit the Kremlin's ability to replenish its budget to finance the war against Ukraine.

The Sovcomflot company is one of the largest shipping companies in the Russian Federation engaged in the transportation of petroleum products, Bloomberg reports.

It is known that this company provides services for offshore oil production and LNG transportation by sea.

The G7 has already introduced a price ceiling for oil from Russia, but the Kremlin has managed to adapt to this. Russia bypasses sanctions thanks to its "shadow fleet", which actively transports oil to Asian nations.

Back in early 2024, the United States imposed sanctions against Sovcomflot and 14 tankers involved in the transportation of petroleum products from the Russian Federation.

Experts also remind that all EU members should unanimously support a new package of sanctions. The EU also wants to impose sanctions against 13 ships that are involved in the case of transportation of military goods to Russia.

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