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Coordinator of Belarusian Christian Democracy accused of “extremism”


Syarhei Tryfanau, Homel coordinator for creating of Belarusian Christian Democracy party, is warned against inadmissibility of participation in “extremist organizations”.

As Syarhei Tryfanau, a psychiatrist at Homel Clinical Mental Hospital, told to BelaPAN, on December 9, he was visited by an unknown man who introduced himself head of personnel office of the health department of the Homel region executive committee and showed his identification card. He said an aim of his visit was a conversation with the doctor about inadmissibility of his participation in “extremist organizations”.

According to Syarhei Tryfanau, he said he was a coordinator of the BCD, that movement wasn’t extremist and information about aims, goals, and programme of the party could be found on the Internet.

“But the chief of the personnel office was rigid in his arguments, he continued to state I was a member of the “extremist organization”. He asked if I propagated my ideas to my patients and called them to join different organizations. This man asked odd questions: if I could make a bomb and if a taught my patients demolition techniques. His talk about explosions and my allegedly undermining activities reminded me talks of my mentally disabled patients. I noted that fact in the conversation,” Syarhei Tryfanau said.

On July 24, Syarhei Tryfanau was several times called to the Tsentralny district militia department of Homel in the case of 4 July blast in Minsk.

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