26 May 2022, Thursday, 15:03
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Settled: nuclear power plant to be constructed in Astravets – close to preserved area


Astravets district is chosen to be a place for contraction of a nuclear power plant. The building works are to begin on January, 21.

First vice premier Uladzimir Syamashka told it at a session of the National Council on Labour and Social Affairs in Minks, Interfax reports.

“The construction site has already been chosen,” U. Syamashka said.

Speaking at the session of the National Council, U. Syamashka said construction of 4- and 9-storey houses for builders of the nuclear power plant would start on January 19.

“In a year we are to begin building of an industrial site in the Astravets district,” the first vice premier added.

Choice of this site for nuclear plant construction is rather strange. Northern west of Belarus is a land of beautiful lakes lying among picturesque hills. Many nature reserves and national parks a re situated here. Narach National Park, which is the most popular place of recreation, lies near.

The site is situated in the northern part of the Astravets district close to Р-45 (former А-235) Vilnius-Polatsk highway between villages of Hoza and Mikhalishki.