25 April 2019, Thursday, 10:01
For our and your freedom!

No one was allowed to visit political draftee Yauhen Skrabets at military oath ceremony


On October 8, “Young Front” activist Yauhen Skrabets gave the military oath. The ceremony was held in a military unit in Zhodzina.

The ceremony couldn’t be called a mass action, as only one soldier – Yauhen Skrabets – took part in it. As it was found out, only one “Young Front” activist from Brest was drafted for military service during the additional drafting campaign in September, the website mfront.net reports. Other soldiers have already given the oath.

The ceremony was held in Belarusian in the office of the head of the military staff. By the way, as the event fell on week day, access to the military unit was forbidden and opposition activists were not allowed to visit the ceremony. Only the parents of the political draftee could watch it.

We remind that the “Young Front” activist was forcefully drafted into the army on September 21.

The military enlistment office “haunted” Yauhen Skrabets, who was even kidnapped by unknown people and forcefully taken to hospital.

Though the youth activists has serious problems with the backbone and can’t serve in the army, the medical examination, carried out on a demand of the military enlistment office, found the young man fit for military service.