26 April 2019, Friday, 13:47
For our and your freedom!

Attempts to draft one more participant of Kalinouski program


An activist of Baranavichy branch of “Young Front” organisation and scholarship holder of Kastus Kalinouski program Artsyom Lastavetski was invited to visit local military enlistment office.

“In an hour after I returned from Poznan, where I study, to my home town of Baranavichy, a man called me and demanded to go to the military enlistment office in connection with “draftee alert state”. We agreed that I will visit them on December 24. Such an invitation is strange for me, as this summer I was told in Baranavichy military enlistment office that I won’t be taken to the army until 2011 in case I would bring an official document every month,” Artsyom Lastavetski said to the European Radio for Belarus.

We remind that last year Lastavetski was expelled from the second year of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics. Shortly before that he was sentenced to 7 days of arrest according one report and fined according another report for dissemination of information about political prisoner Andrei Kim in Baranavichy. Since 2009 Artsyom started studies in Poland due to Kastus Kalinouski program.