21 January 2020, Tuesday, 9:27
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Channel One (Russia): Lukashenka suffers from mosaic psychopathy (Video)

Channel One (Russia): Lukashenka suffers from mosaic psychopathy (Video)

A sensational item was showed in “Vremya” end-of-week programme at Chanel One, Russia.

The item of Channel One was not broadcast in Belarus naturally. We offer the video and account of the item:

He has been playing for 15 years. It would be better if he played only hockey and elections, issuing himself a complimentary ticket for a new term each time. The Belarusian politics became a bloody sport long ago for those who are not simply grieving for the disappeared, but do not even have a right to learn what had happened to them.

Svyatlana Zavadskaya: “These 10 years are not life, but some kind of miserable existence. Every day you go to bed with this thought, and you wake up each day with this thought. This regime has crippled very many lives.”

Dzmitry Zavadski, a cameraman of the ORT news office in Belarus, went missing on July 7, 2000. He was top close to Lukashenka for 2 years, he was a personal cameraman. All of them were somewhere beside. Yury Zakharanka was a Defence Minister in 1994-1995, and disappeared in 1999. In the same year the former deputy Prime Minister Viktar Hanchar disappeared. Hundreds of people’s lives have dissolved in the last fifteen years.

Dmitry Medvedev: “Belarusian President should be handling internal problems. Among other things, he should finally investigate numerous cases of people’s disappearances. Like other countries, Russia is not indifferent to that.”

But he is indifferent. That’s the comment to the mysterious death of a journalist and founder of the oppositional website charter97.org.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka: “What is his name? Byabenin? I have heard about this journalist for the first time when he hanged himself.”

Not many people, not to speak of politicians, would dare to make such statements about a deceased, or maybe a murdered person. Not a single leader of a European state would imagine to ay the words addressed by Lukashenka to the leadership of the neighbouring state, which could be the last sincerely friendly state left.

It could be called going over the line of what is permitted by Russia. Russia had been tolerant to that for 15 years for the sake of friendly relations. But the patience has snapped, and the Russian president answered through his video blog.

According to the report of the Freedom House organization, which every year makes a rating of the least free countries of the world, Belarus is in the first ten, being only one point behind Chad and winning one point from China the and Somalia.

But Somali pirates are lovesome extorters as compared to the Belarusian blackmailing of Russia. If you won’t give us allowances in the form of reduced prices for energy resources, we’ll withdraw from the Union State. But we are giving you favourable prices. What could be done more? 52 billions over 15 years.

But he asks not only from Russia. He has things to bargain with the hated West as well. 2 years ago after Lukashenka’s meeting with a German Ambassador and agreements on investments from the European Union, Alyaksandr Kazulin, a former candidate for presidency, was released. By that time he had spent 2.5 years in prison. And it is clear now what is asked in return.

The less Russian donations become, the more intolerant Mr. Lukashenka is.

A Belarusian psychology doctor Dzmitry Shchyhelski had been studying personality traits of Lukashenka for a few years. His conclusion is: the analysis of Lukashenka’s personality shows a number of traits usual for paranoid disorder and overvalued idea of self-importance, affective logics, suspiciousness, inability to feel guilt. Lukashenka suffers from mosaic psychopathy, that is, a disorder Iosif Stalin and Adolf Hitler suffered from.”

Alyaksandr Lukashenka from a documentary “A Usual President” : “Hitler had formed a powerful Germany thanks to the strong presidential authority. That’s how we understand the presidential republic and the role of the president in it.”