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Sting stands against death penalty in Belarus (Video)


The world-acclaimed musician supported human rights activists in their struggle for death penalty abolition in Belarus.

Sting played a concert in Minsk as part of his Symphonicity world tour and met with human rights defenders to sign the petition for the death penalty abolition campaign launched by the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Viasna Human Right Center and Amnesty International. “It's time to change,” said Sting in a recorded message of support, Viasna reports.

“Hello! My name is Sting and I am against the death penalty in all cases because I believe in human dignity. In Europe just one country carries out the death penalty and that country is Belarus. It’s time to change. Make your voice heard. Sign the petition against the death penalty in Belarus. And let’s put a stop to this cruelty for good.”

Belarus is the only country in Europe that allows death penalty. Execution is by a shot in the back of the head. The family is not given the body, but just receives a message the execution was carried out. The family is not told about the place of burial that brings further sufferings.

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