24 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:26

Valer Kostka: Early presidential elections may take place in 2013  

The fate of all the members of state enforcing agencies will be the same – no one will leave gracefully.

And there is only one problem – the political system is incorrectly built, it malfunctions. This is how former KGB lieutenant colonel Valer Kostka commented on the dismissal of Vadzim Zaitsau for UDF.BY.

- Kazak’s murder is only a cover for the KGB chairman’s dismissal. The roots are in the political system itself. He, who reaches such heights of power, doomed himself for such a dismissal. This system needs executors. And executors are particular people, who either execute the political will or observe human rights and laws.

The fate of all the members of state enforcing agencies will be the same – no one will leave gracefully.

- Why?

- Each one of them sooner or later faces a choice: either to observe the law, or execute the political will. Executing political will a person commits a crime. All the notorious political dismissals are connected exactly with incorrectly built political system, which malfunctions.

- Can the murder of Kazak be held against the already former KGB chairman? There are plenty of suicides and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs…

- The murder of Kazak is a visual negative event, which is used to cover the real reasons for the dismissal. And the reason is, most likely, that Zaitsau did not fulfill the system’s requests to the fullest, not tough enough.

I did know Kazak and was not interested to the reasons for his murder or suicide. We do not know the information, that is why the media are drooling on that case. Actually any version is applicable to Kazak’s death: an inside conflict is possible, a working one, or a financial conflict, family issues, domestic ones…

I do not think that the main reason for Zaitsau’s dismissal is the murder of Kazak. Zaitsau should not have been the KGV chairman in the first place. In such a system the professionals, who weight out every word and deed, have much more chances not to make mistakes that non-professionals. Zaitsau stepped into a mine field; one-two mines he passed by, but blew off on the third one.

But the reason for the dismissal is one – incorrectly built political system. I told that before, that the year 2013 will revenge Lukashenka for dismissing the Supreme Council of the 13th convocation. A possible dismissal of the government and Zaitsau’s dismissal and possible dismissal of other officials should be linked to the incorrectly built political system.

I can already feel Russia’s breath. It already has its eye on the presidential chair in Belarus, and I think it has already defined the person whom it will promote as a president. It all goes to the issued of early presidential elections in 2013. It looks like the event will develop exactly this way next year, and there are changes waiting for us in 2013.

And the opposition lured by Lukashenka has started talking about preparations to the presidential elections 2015 only in order to disorient the society and sound powers, distract the attention form the changes that can come already in 2013.