22 January 2018, Monday, 19:40

Russia rejected Belarus’ oil requests


In the IV quarter of 2012 4.7 million tons of Russian oil will be shipped to Belarus.

“In principle, the issue is solved. Russia will ship 4.7 million tons of oil in the IV quarter in exchange for shipments of 200 thousand tons of petrol AI-92 from Belarus to Russia. Belneftekhim concern agreed with this decision”, - the source of the PRIME agency noted.

Belarusian refineries process 1.8-1.9 million tons a month.

We would remind that Russian Transneft based on the decision of the Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation found a possibility for additional shipments to Belarus in the IV quarter. Thus in November the additional shipments will account for 315 thousand tons, in December – 412 thousand tons added to the shipment of 4 million tons.

The Belarusian party wanted to receive 5.3 million tons of oil in the IV quarter.

The enterprises and structures of Belneftekhim have already started negotiations with Russian oil companies about additional volumes of Russian oil shipments to Belarus in December.