18 January 2018, Thursday, 0:38

Case of explosion in Vitebsk put under a secret


The Investigatory Committee refuses to give details about the investigations.

A representative of the Vitebsk regional Investigatory Committee Ina Garbachova refused to answer the question whether there appeared new suspects in the criminal case filed according to the article “Hooliganism” because of an explosion of a pyrotechnic devise in the evening on 11 November.

“At the current moment the department of the Investigatory Committee for the Vitebsk region does not give comments to journalists and does not give reasons for the refusal”, - it was the only thing she said over the phone to a Radio Svaboda’s reporter.

As the charter97.org web-site reported, dozens of people were detained because of the explosion in Vitebsk. The KGB reported only about three people detained. They all were released after an inspection.

The explosion happened near the KGB building in the evening on 11 November.