20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:26

Autukhovich: Any incident may now be a spark


A political prisoner Mikalai Autukhovich wrote a letter to Aleg Volchak.

Aleg Volchak, a co-chairman of the organizational committee for creation of a public association of the veterans of Afghanistan war “Protectors of the Motherland”, told the Belarusian Partisan about the letter:

“Mikalai has always been and remains a fighter in terms of spirit. These his qualities have always appealed to me. Even being in prison, he first of all thinks and worries about the ones, who remain free”.

Here is what he writes: “I follow your adventures in the press. These people do not like you, you crossed their path somewhere. It is good that you have legal background, otherwise they would have long eaten and forgotten about you. Be careful, these people are rancorous”.

Regarding the activities of human rights activists Mikalai says: “… No matter how hard human rights defenders struggle, they have a very weak influence on the final result. I do not want to say that there is no use, there is. When everywhere they poke our country’s nose into the problem of political prisoners, it strains the authorities a lot and makes them nervous. If everyone was quite, there would probably be more prisoners. We will hope that reason will win. Living in the center of Europe it is impossible to be isolated from all the processes…

…I have an impression that they do everything in Belarus in order to angry common people. I am reading a newspaper and cannot understand why they torture the people so much. The people are angry already, and this anger piles up. Now any incident may become a spark. Do not the authorities realize that? I always told the ones who violate the Constitution and human rights today, that sooner or later they will lose their protection. Mr Bigs will just wash their hands and these will be the executors who will have to be responsible. What makes people lose they minds, I do not know…”