17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:01

Andrei Haidukou found in Vitebsk detention centre


The mother hopes to see her son, an activist from Navapolatks who is suspected of spying.

“There is almost no information from Andrei,” Volha Haidukova, the mother of the guy suspected of spying, told Salidarnast. “A lawyer and an investigator were to see my son last week, but it didn't happen because we were told on Wednesday that Andrei would be moved to Vitesbk.

According to her, she learnt only on Sunday that her son had been transferred to Vitebsk.

“I tried to reach the KGB, but all in vain. The lawyer told me in the afternoon that Andrei was in detention facility No. 2 in Vitebsk,” Volha Haidukova reports. “Andrei's complaint at the measure of restraint will be heard in a court on Monday. I am going to Vitebsk today to see my son with a lawyer.”

It should be reminded that Andrei Haidukou was detained in Vitebsk on November 8. The 23-year-old worker of Naftan plant was accused of “spying”. He was detained as he was “installing a dead drop with the information interested for foreign secret services”. Representatives of European Belarus civil campaign say the young man was carrying copies of Charter'97 newspaper to distribute them in the Vitebsk region.