20 January 2018, Saturday, 2:00

Arrested Haidukou recorded election violations


An activist was an observer and documented a violation at a polling station in Polatsk.

Andrei Haidukou, the deputy head of the Union of Young Intellectuals who was accused of spying, was an observer at a polling station.

Charter97.org received this information from Natallya Valyaeva, a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). Andrei Haidukou was a member of her initiative group:

“I was a candidate in Polatsk rural constituency No. 24. Our team started campaigning in August. Andrei Haidukou and my election agents were distributing leaflets and posters in Baravukha, Vetryna and Farynava. After the campaign, he became an observer at polling station No. 65 in the building of Tyabuta secondary school in Vetryna, the Polatsk district.”

Natallya Valyaeva says the activism recorded violations at the polling station:

“Andrei Haidukou documented one violation. He noticed that the top cover of the ballot box was half open and asked the commission to annul the voting results of that day. He also wanted to take a photo of the violation, but the commission declined his request.”

Natallya Valyaeva described Andrei Haidukou as an active, ambitious and promising young man:

“I know his parents. They are a nice family. I'd like to say that we have few such people in the country today. People feel fear and lack common sense and prudence. Andrei has  a lot of positive features. What happened to him is another sign of the absurdity of the regime. My comrades and I support him as much as possible and hope for his soonest release.”

Andrei Haidukou was detained in Vitebsk 20 days ago. The 23-year-old worker of Naftan plant in Navapolatsk is charged with spying. Officially, the guy was detained as he was “installing a dead drop with the information interesting for foreign secret services”. Many find the accusation absurd. European Belarus civil campaign released a statement saying the activist was detained for distributing Charter'97 newspaper. Human rights activists link the prosecution of Haidukou to his pro-opposition views and say it is an attempt to intimidate young activists.