21 April 2019, Sunday, 6:08
For our and your freedom!

Where charges pressed against Surapin?


Human rights activists assume that for some reason Surapin’s lawyer hides this information.

“We (the center for human rights Viasna) assume that charges have already been pressed against Anton Surapin, for he has been kept in the investigation isolation cell for more than ten days without official accusations, which is a severe violation of the Criminal Code. The KGB is not likely to commit such a breach now when the arrest of the journalist had a powerful response,” human rights activist Valiantsin Stsiefanovich said in an interview to charter97.org.

“The charges have probably been pressed, but for some reason the lawyer doesn’t tell about it,” Stsiefanovich added.

We remind that the Belarusian anti-aircraft system missed a Swedish airplane that crossed the Belarusian border on 4 July. Teddy bears were thrown out of the plane over Minsk and Ivianiets. After that the KGB arrested Anton Surapin, who was the first to upload photographs of the teddy bears on his website bnp.by, and Siargey Basharymau, who had previously helped the Swedes to rent an apartment in Minsk. Siargey Basharymau is officially accused of assisting the Swedish pilots who illegally crossed the border. Nevertheless, the information that charges have been pressed against Anton Surapin hasn’t been confirmed yet. Meanwhile Anton has spent more than ten days in the investigation isolation, which means that his detention is now illegal unless official charges have been pressed.