22 January 2018, Monday, 23:31

Swedish pilot Mazetti: It is remaining 14 months for Lukashenko


Belarusian KGB threatened Studio Total wuth violence and lured Swedish to the Embassy in Moscow.

The pilot of the Swedish plane which threw teddy bears over Ivyanets and Minsk in the beginning of July, gave a big interview to Radio Liberty.

In the beginning of August the KGB invited the organizers of the "teddy bears landing" to come to Belarus to give evidence "in the interests of objective investigation of the criminal case and clarification of all circumstances of violation of the air space of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Lithuania". They sent subpoenas to the Swedes, but the latter refused to go to Belarus.

Tomas Mazetti said in the interview to Radio Liberty that the KGB officers suggested them to come at least to Moscow:

"They said, ok, you don't want to come to Belarus, so can we meet in the Embassy in Moscow? I think they just wanted to talk to us and of course to check".

However, the Swedes did not go to the Russian capital either.

Also Mazetti said that it was remaining 14 months for Lukashenko. But he doesn't explained this forecast.