22 January 2018, Monday, 5:11

Slave labour and requisitions have become a norm in Belarus


The local authorities decided to involve the city residence in the upcoming restoration of the catsle in Bykhau.

The measures chosen for that are quite popular among the authorities – requisitions and community works.

The authorities in Bykhau, whose connivance and direct involvement are directly responsible for the destruction of the local castle, hope to restore the architectural monument of the XVII century not only at the expense of the budget money, allocated for the castle’s restoration and the celebrations of the Day of Belarusian Writings, but also at the expense of free slave labour of the locals during the so-called Saturday works – unpaid community works, usually hold on Saturdays. Also the compulsory requisitions will be used to collect money, but the authorities call them voluntary donations, Belarusian Partisan reports.

The first day of community works, supported by the region’s executive committee, took place in Bykhau on 25 January. The money, transferred by enterprises of all the types of ownership to the account of the communal works department, will be allegedly used for constructing a children park, which should surprise the guests of Bykhau, according to the idea of the authorities.

According to unofficial information, the residents of Bykhau will have to work on no less than 20 community labour days. In different words, the one who would opt for paying instead of participating will have to spend a month’s salary.

Also the charity account “Fragments. Bykhau’s castle” is being topped up at the expense of “voluntary” contributions. They started with teachers, for whom a rate of 20 thousand roubles was set. At the same time the special lists are being composed of the ones who refuse to pay, so they could be punished later.