16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:12

Paviel Sieviaryniec: One hundred thousand officials propagate lies and fear as norm

The politician is not going to run for president.

“I did not have plans to run for president in 2015 elections”, - the co-chairman of the organizational committee for the creation of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy Paviel Sieviaryniec told journalists on 20 October. We would remind that he was released after having served a freedom limitation sentence in a special commandant’s office in the village of Kuplin in Pruzhany district of Brest region, BelaPAN reports.

Now the former political prisoner has a criminal record and will have to report to a criminal executive inspection about any changes in his place of employment or residence for two years. “This is not preventive supervision, I will not be checked on where I am at night”, - he noted. Sieviaryniec also said that the deputy head of the special commandant’s office told him at parting that he could not run for office in the nearest two years. “I did not have such plans in the first place, but Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s people secured against this option”, - he said.

According to Sieviaryniec, now “one hundred thousand officials propagate lies, fear, theft as a norm”. “Nothing can be built on that, even if you change the president and parliament members. That is why we should prepare at least one hundred thousand honest professionals, who will be ready to take over the responsibility”, - he claimed.

Sieviaryniec belives that “the key institutions, organized by the society, not controlled by the state, which have the necessary number of professionals, are churches”. “This community is the most important target group for us. The church could change the moral climate in Belarus. The opposition is today simply unable to suggest such a number of professionals”, - he said.

The politician also said that the BChD was ready “to act as a uniting force” in the opposition. “Let’s unite, make a single team and strategy and win by the means of this unity”, - he said.

Paviel Sieviaryniec noted that Belarusian Christian Democrats won three seats in municipal councils in the latest municipal elections. “There of course will be such people in the coming elections. But under the conditions of falsifications it is simply impossible for all those, who have actually won, received the seat. That is why the BChD’s tactic will be the following: in a week before the elections we will announce that we as a political institution cannot and will not participate in the falsifications. We have elected our people’s deputies, who work with people, they will be active in their constituencies. At the current moment we have around 200 people, ready to run to municipal councils”, - he said.

“The goal of our nearest actions is the strengthening of the BChD and all the democratic forces before the presidential elections 2015. If we do not prepare for the 2015 campaign in 2014, everything will fail then”, - Sieviaryniec emphasized.