19 January 2018, Friday, 12:25

Maksim Zhbankou’s books detained at the border

They were being brought for a presentation in the Ў gallery, which took place today in the evening.

The book of a famous Belarusian culture expert Maksim Zhbankou “NO STYLE. Belcult between Woodstock and Dazhynki” has alsmot 300 pages. It tells about Belarusian culture and music, Euroradio reports.

At the presentation Maksim Zhbankou told about the detention of a part of the print run.

Border guards detained about a half of the books, which were supposed to be at Ў gallery today. That is why not everyone who wanted to obtain a copy could get one.

The preparation of the book took ten years. The book represents a collection of Maksim Zhbankou’s texts which were published before and the ones which were specially written for it.