19 January 2018, Friday, 12:14

Government's plans: Wrong people? We'll find new (Document)


The Belarusian government is working out plans to attract foreign workforce.

Charter97.org received a copy of the document with the telling title “On meeting industry's demands for labour force”.

A letter signed by deputy minister of architecture and construction of Belarus Semyankevich was sent to heads of subordinate entities.

The letter is about the pilot project “Internationalisation of labour market in the Republic of Belarus: meeting industry's demands for labour force amid decreasing number of graduates of vocational schools” (see copies 2 and 3) prepared by the Republican Institute of Vocational Education (RIVE). Participants of the project are the RIVE, Belarusian enterprises, vocational and specialised secondary educational institutions of Belarus, Smart Business Solutions Central (Kyrgyzstan) and foreign citizens of CIS member states (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).

Heads of organisations are offered to express their opinions on possible using labour force from post-Soviet region with excessive working population.

The pilot project proposes to discuss two variants:

– using labour migration to solve the jobs deficit problem (setting a list of jobs and number of employees);

– readiness to pay for short-term training courses in Belarusian vocational institutions for foreign citizens.

It should be reminded that the Belarusian government and Alyaksandr Lukashenka personally made several scandalous proposals regarding the exodus of Belarusian workers abroad due to miserable wages and enslaving employment conditions. Decree No. 9 “On additional measures to develop wood processing industry” and factual imposing serfdom on wood processing plants appeared to be the most radical decision.

Moreover, rumours about inviting 650,000 Chinese workers for construction of the Belarusian-Chinese technological park in the Smalyavichy district have recently appeared from sources close to the government.