19 January 2018, Friday, 10:23

Myasnikovich orders to check Belneftekhim


The Belarusian prime minister has ordered to evaluate the performance of the company's executives.

This conclusion can be made from an order published yesterday on the national legal Internet portal.

The order says about the formation of an interdepartamental commission to assess the performance of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry (Belneftekhim), the company's executive officers and the administrative staff.

Belneftekhim informed about the company's investment activity a week ago and accused Belarusian energy companies of disrupting a number of projects in the last five years, when “the data on energy that were initially put into calculations were later changed”.

The company threatened to buy energy directly from Russian producers.

“The most acute problem that hinders the investment process today is energy prices in the country that don't allow to achieve the proper payback periods of new production works,” the company's press service informed.

It should be noted that electricity prices in Belarus are agreed on with the government, so the accusations to energy companies were indirectly addressed to the country's leadership.