20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:23

Police do not allow journalist to approach the exploded building


A BelaPAN cameraman was kicked out of the territory near the exploded building in Minsk.

On 25 February an agency’s cameraman without any explanation was kicked out of the territory close to the building 85 in Plakhanava street in Minsk, where there had been an explosion two days earlier.

The representative of the information agency did not try to break into the entrance, guarded by a police brigade, did not argue with the authorities’ representatives, and he got beyond the security line around the accident’s area absolutely legally, having shown a journalist ID to a police lieutenant. He was simply filming the place of the tragedy and was waiting for a commentary from the Red Cross Society representatives that they had promised to give, in other words he was carrying out his job regulated by the law on media. Suddenly that same police officer who let him in the guarded area, apparently having received some directions, ordered to go beyond the fence. And when the lieutenant was asked for explanations he called a police brigade which literally kicked the cameraman beyond the area, BelaPAN reports.

We would remind that a special commission is working at the place of the accident in the block of apartments in Plakhanava street, where an explosion and a fire happened on 23 February, which led to the death of two people. The residents of the entrance number 10 as well as of four apartments of the neighboring entrance of the building were partly relocated and provided with a temporary accommodation. Specialists are estimating the integrity of the building constructions.