17 January 2019, Thursday, 2:38
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Makei’s ban to enter EU may be lifted for half a year


At a EU’s summit European officials may raise the question of a visa for the Belarusian minister, who is not allowed in the Union.

A Lithuania MEP Justas Paltskis stated that in an interview to Radio Svaboda.

“An idea appeared to lift the travel ban for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus for only half a year. And to look during that time, whether the relations between Brussels and Minsk will be changing. If there are positive developments, than the visa ban may be lifted fully. If everything remains the same, than Uladzimir Makei will again be not allowed to the European Union”, - he stated.

There are other variants – Makei may be not mentioned in Brussels at all. And everything will remain as it is today. Europeans are now much more worried about other problems.

In the meanwhile Makei visited Moscow, where he met his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov and discussed the policy of the cooperation of the two countries on international arena.

Uladzimir Makei got in the black list of the people, not allowed to enter the territory of the European Union according to the decision as of 31 January 2011. HE was then the head of Lukashenka’s administration.