16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:40

Maduro will remind Lukashenka of “the debt”


It is not ruled out that the president of Venezuela will remind of the $2.5 liability for oil during his visit to Minsk.

This is how a political observer Raman Jakauleuski commented for the charter97.org web-site on the upcoming visit of the president of Venezuela to Belarus.

“As to the so-called new policy of Nicolas Maduro, so far we can observe the revival of the relations between Caracas and Washington, and it is very noticeable. A Venezuela’s perestroika is expected. We can only guess, how it will affect the relations with Belarus. But in my turn I would remind, that it was precisely in June that Lukashenka gave an order to revive the bilateral relations. In my view, the figure of 2.8 billion dollars of Belarus’ liability for Venezuelan oil is the most interesting and mysterious issue of the bilateral relations. We are not even told how much this oil cost, but such a debt exists. And I do not rule out that Maduro will speak about that”, - the political observer believes.

He also noted that the Belarusian ambassador in Caracas general Pafiorau has the highest salary among Belarusian ambassadors – according to the official data, almost 5000 euros, and this may indicate the importance of the relations with Venezuela.

“But in my view, the time, allocated by Maduro for building his policies towards the world and Belarus, is limited. It is clear, that there will no longer be such relations as Lukashenka and Chavez had, since those were built on the friendship of the rulers of Belarus and Venezuela. But now one of them is gone, and we know that Hugo Chavez comes to Nicolas Maduro as a bird. But we do not know what news it brings and what advice gives him”, - Raman Jakauleuski concluded ironically.

We would remind that representatives of Nicolas Maduro’s security service, who are prepare his visit to Belarus, have already arrived to Minsk.

The exact date of the arrival of Venezuela’s new president has not been announced yet. However, it is known that this visit is, in essence, of a transit character. On 1-2 July Nicolas Maduro intends to take part in a forum of gas-exporting countries, which will take place in Moscow, and meet the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Accordingly, the president of Venezuela will come to Minsk either at the very end of June, or in the first days of July.