21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:09

«Slavik from KGB» threatens Swedish pilots


Member of «teddy landing» Thomas Mazetti received a threatening letter.

The unknown author, who introduced himself as employee of KGB, had wrutten that Swedish pilot will be in the KGB prison in Minsk soon. Thomas Masetti send text of the letter to charter97.org.

«Hello, Thomas. How are you doing? I hope to see you in Belarus soon. I'm waiting for you. I've forgot to introduce myself. My name is Slava, but you can call me Slavik. I work at very good place. Some people call it «Amerikanka». Maybe you don't know what it means, but you'll know what does it mean soon.

I've heard you'll been here soon.And I'm in worries that other people can meet you first, not me. So I decided to write you and explain that first of all you need to say to those people that you are mine», write the author of the letter».

Thomas Mazetti answer him.

«We have communicated before. I told you than to behave. We had almost forgotten your bad manners. However we've not forgotten how you treate your people. There will be a time for you to pay for that», - he wrote.

As the website charter97.org reported, on July 4 the Swedish aircraft flew through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border unnoticed by the Air Defense system. Over the Ivyanets city and outskirts of Minsk the crew dropped teddy bears with flyers in support of freedom of speech in Belarus. The Belarusian authorities did not recognize the fact of flight until July 26, stating that "the check is going on". In the meantime, Anton Suryapin, who posted pictures of the teddy bears found near Ivyanets on the internet, and Syargei Basharimau, the realtor, who rented an apartment to Swedes in Minsk, had been detained.

After this, Lukashenka dismissed the chairman of the State Border Committee, Major-General Igor Raczkowski, and Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces, Major-General Dmitry Pahmelkin. Stefan Eriksson, Sweden ambassador to Belarus was expelled from the country.