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Belarusian “Cossacks” on service of Russian intelligence


“Cossacks”, who organize military camps for Belarusian children, linked to the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Airborne Troops (Russia’s Spetsnaz VDV).

This statement has been made by 1863х.com website, with a reference to its own investigation.

“It would be silly to think that there are no forces in Belarus, which are ready to fight for Russia. We have found them, and we are going to show them to you,” the information reads. “The editorial office has decided to pretend they are common guys, with extremely “vata” views (Note: vatnik, vata (“a cotton quilted jacket, cotton” – a pejorative word for pro-Putin citizens, zombified by Russian propaganda; revanchists dreaming of restoration of an empire ruled by Russians), who are looking for their like-minded persons inside Belarus. We have found a clubbish glamour guy, who is subscribed for a great number of pro-Russian communities in Vkontakte social network. Here is his page - vk.com/id7123641. We would like to say in advance that we do not have a dislike for Roman Blinov, as we believe he is simply a victim of the classic ideology war. Roman, if you are going to read these lines: you are a normal human being, just run away from them.”


X: Hello, I’m writing to you from an Airsoft club. Our guys want to found a secret patriotic movement. All indications are that you support the ideas of Novorossia, Putin and so on, don’t you?

Roman: Hello, how have I given myself away?

X: By the communities you are subscribed to.

Roman: Well I see. So what is it all about?

The journalists of the website have explained that the presidential election is coming, and Maidan is possible in Belarus. Roman joined the conversation.


Roman: - They are sure to try that, as there will be an election. As for us, we play Arisoft with my friends, we have a team of 4, we have a course of training, both independently, and with Cossacks (trekking with overnight stops, staff tactical games) to apply the knowledge into practice later. I also learn combat sambo. Maybe you have a Georgian ribbon? I am tired of searching for it.

He was asked several more suggestive questions, hinting that “Lukashenka has turned into a Belarusian nationalist.”


Roman: It’s true. He demonstrates his independence to Vladimir Putin. In any case this war is going to be a long one, and we will be able to take part in it. We should not care whom Lukashenka and power ministries support. Russia is behind us. I think they won’t let us down.

The last phrase seemed suspicious, and the further communication answered the expectations.


X: Well, I also thought that even if Lukashenka will betray us, “green people” can come, but they need some units to support them, something like a group of support, so that they would have a reason for that.

Roman: Cossacks are doing a great work, and with children as well.

What a surprise. We started to ask in more detail.


X: To tell the truth, I didn’t know about Cossacks in our country. I thought they are in Russia.

Roman: We also have them. They are in favour of the united Orthodox Rus. They carry out weapons training, tactical training, field days all the time.

X: I do not have children yet. Oh, now I want to join you so much. Are they independent, or do they have ties with Russian Cossacks, such as Babaj?

If there are a few dozens of them, it would be enough for storming of just one town.

Roman: I do not know how many they are. As far as I remember, in Russia they have ties to the 45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment.

As it turned out, Belarusian Cossacks have ties with the 45th Guards Spetsnaz VDV Regiment), a special reconnaissance and special operations unit within the Russian Airborne Troops. They are the best of the best in the Russian army, the most combat-effective units. They have taken part in all significant wars of Russia. This regiment took part in the war in Donbas as well.


Roman: Last week during a staff exercise there was a former reconnaissance man, a very experienced guy.

He told us many significant things.

There are ties.

The main thing for us not to be suckers, and there will be help for us.

It means that the Belarusian “Cossacks” do not hesitate to say to novices openly (and Roman is a novice) what they plan to do in the future. By visiting the website kazak.by, one can see the training of “self-defence units” in all its glory.

The most terrible thing is that they use usual Belarusian children to attain their ends. Parents entrust their children and think they would be offered upbringing in a sports and recreation club, and children are turned into militants there.

Notably, it happens with the full support of the authorities.



During staff exercises we study situations with occupation of the territory of Belarus by the NATO troops. We evaluate, who they can be by their ethnicity, what weapons they could have. So they are preparing. The previous field day was last weekend. The next one is on November 1. And there is a constant military-patriotic work with children.


Well, the gist of it: Cossacks (kazak.by) are engaged in military and patriotic training of the young in the form of cycles of seminars, tent camps, weapon training, tactical training. We had a 4-day training with a tent camp in the woods, we studied activities of reconnaissance and sabotage groups behind enemy lines, we were searching certain objects in the wood, moved in the night, had hand-to-hand combat training… Well, they are connected to reconnaissance, the senior officer said the programme used for our training in pairs, in trios, had been offered to them by the 45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment of Russia. They visit them from time to time.

The children, who keep company with Cossacks, are saturated with the spirit of war. They think about weapons, they have field trips and are constantly drilling battlefield tactics.

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